What to See in Catania and How to Get There

An enchanting city in the eastern shore of Sicily, Catania is a lovely place with extravagant Baroque engineering and magnificent common magnificence. Regardless of whether you respect the ocean or the mountains, appreciate a sentimental walk around the shoreline or a stroll down a memorable church building, Catania has it all and the sky is the limit from there. Heavenly Sicilian nourishment, shabby and dependable Catania air terminal taxi administrations, well disposed local people continually eager to swap stories with you, the city is overflowing with friendliness and warmth. Here are our best picks of best sights in Catania that you should not miss.


Mount Etna

Catania is situated at the base of Mount Etna, the biggest stratovolcano in Europe. Reasonable and guided visits to Mount Etna are accessible effortlessly from Catania and offer an awesome chance to encounter the novel magnificence of nature. Consistently, an expansive number of individuals plunge on Catania in transit to Mount Etna.


San Benedetto

Worked in the mid eighteenth century, San Benedetto is a forcing house of prayer worked to pay tribute to Saint Benedict of Nursia. With its high roofs, splendid frescos and overlaid ceiling fixtures, San Benedetto keeps on stunning visitors even today. It can be effortlessly gotten to by means of nearby transport from any piece of Catania.

Castello Ursino

Worked in the thirteenth century, this noteworthy château has been the crown gem for Catania for quite a while. The name of the stronghold actually implies Bear Castle. It is found smack amidst the city and in nearness to the Catania rail and transport stations. Its sheer scale and size inspires the sightseers who tread its grounds in ponder.

Catania Cathedral

Otherwise called Duomo di Catania, the Catania Cathedral was developed in the last 50% of the nineteenth century to remember St. Agatha. The excellent house of God shows magnificent examples of the Sicilian Baroque design and contains the tomb of Vincenzo Bellini. The Cathedral is found appropriate in the Plaza del Duomo, along these lines being effortlessly available from any piece of the city.

Basilica della Collegiata

Built in late Eighteenth Century, the Basilica della Collegiata is another hypnotizing case of Sicilian Baroque. The delightful church building is vital both from a religious and memorable perspective.

A visit to Catania is a quintessentially Italian involvement with a dash of culture cooking and cordiality. It won’t cost you a bomb. So make a beeline for the intriguing island for a really essential occasion. Upbeat voyaging.

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