Tuol Sleng in Cambodia

The Tuol Sleng is an exhibition hall situated in the capital of Cambodia named Phnom Penh. Tuol Sleng really signifies “the slope of the noxious trees”. What’s more, today I feel the want to disclose to you the story behind this place frequently known as Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.It appears a terrible place to me as this place was at clench hand utilized as a school and after that in Khmer Rouge administration it was changed over into a famous and ghastly security jail and more than 20,000 detainees were executed their strangely.


While going by it you’ll see numerous little compartments, these are really the dungeons having a little can box and a bed. At whatever point a detainee was conveyed to this cell, at first his/her photo was taken. What’s more, on the off chance that the amid all the torment the detainee meet demise then his/her photograph was held tight the mass of that dungeon. The detainees were tormented to such degree that the blood scatter can even now be seen on the rooftop and dividers of the pieces.

There were a few rooms in this jail where two photographs of every detainee are hung which demonstrates them before resulting in these present circumstances jail and after they had been tormented. Also, you’ll see that place so awful in light of the fact that the detainees incorporate youngsters as well.

Among the numerous detainees just seven detainees survived and among them, it is said that lone three individuals are as yet alive. Chim Math, Bou Ming, and Chum Mey are the three fortunate survivors of the Tuol sleng. They were kept alive in light of the fact that their captors imagined that they have some valuable abilities which can help them. Bou Ming was a marvelous craftsman while Chum Mey was a specialist in repairing machines.

However, now this place is considered as the vacation destination and here I have given you a look at what this place offers you as a vacationer.

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